Fire hǔo 火 depicts flames.

      Water shǔi 水 depicts three streams.

      Sun , 日 depicts a sun, originally drawn as a circle which evolved into a square.

      Moon yuè, 月 depicts a half moon.

      Mountain shān 山 depicts three mountain peaks.

      Wood 木 depicts wood or a tree.

      People rén 人 depicts the profile of a man walking.

      Birth/grow shēng 生 depicts a new shoot symbolising life, birth and growth.

      Big 大 depicts a man with his arms in the air expressing the idea of something big.

      Sky tiān 天 depicts a man with his arms in the air, 大, with a line drawn above to symbolise the sky and heaven.

      Home jiā 家 is made from the character for pig 猪 with a roof drawn above it as pigs were kept in a home.

      Walk/go/travel xíng 行 depicts a crossroads which has evloved in meaning to become 'walk, travel, move or go'.

      Bird niǎo depicts a bird.

      Horse 马 depicts a horse.

      Fish 鱼 depicts a fish.

      Cow Niú 牛 depicts an ox or a cow.

      Sheep yáng 羊 depicts a sheep.

      Chicken 鸡 depicts a chicken.

      Door/gate mén 门 depicts a door or gate.

      Room jiàn 间 is the sun 日 inside a door 门 to symbolise room.

      Practice 习 depicts a bird flying above the sun to symbolise pracitce.

      Good hǎo 好 is made of woman 女 and child 子, a symbol of something good.

      Body/life shēn 身 depicts a pregnant woman leaning against a man as a symbol of life.

      Tall/high gāo 高 depicts a tall pagoda to mean high.